Non-Amplified Custom Ear Molds

Minnesota Hearing Aid Professionals, Inc. provides custom ear pieces for a variety of uses: 

Musicians/Concert Attendees

Musicians and concert attendees alike are exposed to high levels of sound for long periods of time. Custom ear products are made from impressions of the user's ear, providing unparalleled fit and comfort.  Musician's ear plugs are designed to provide flat attenuation, thus preserving the balance of sound is preserved.  Various filters can be used to provide differing amounts of attenuation and are classified as ER-9, ER-15 and ER-25. Some musicians use one type of attenuator in one ear and one type in the other, depending on the source and location of the sound.

Personal Listening

For iPodsTM, MP3s, CDs, laptops, cell phones
You'll enjoy your personal electronic devices more - your iPod or other MP3 players, CD player, hand-held games, laptop computer, and cell phone - with custom personal listening earphones and universal-fit earpieces. Experience comfort and sound quality that gives your personal listening a whole new dimension. 

Sports Enthusiasts

Motor sports, swimming, hunting & shooting
No matter what type of sporting activity you are involved in, hearing protection can make it more enjoyable.  Finding the best and most comfortable hearing protection to suit your needs can be tricky.  Ensuring safe hearing is vital.  Don't risk damage to your ears by lack of hearing protection.

For many swimmers and divers, ear problems affect their ability to enjoy their sport more than any other health issue.   Swim plugs are often necessary for individuals with ear tubes in order to prevent water from entering the middle ear cavity.


Occupational Use


Aviation, medical, dental, broadcasting
Custom occupational earpieces and other hearing tools are available for aviators, physicians/nurses, dentists, broadcasters or anyone who works in a noisy environment or situations where hearing accurately is critical to your work.

Hearing Protection

Industrial & recreational
Even short-term exposure to loud noise can permanently damage your hearing. With custom fitted earplugs or universal earplugs you can protect your hearing without removing yourself from the action.

To order any of these products, speak with your audiologist. The audiologist will take a custom ear mold impression to provide ultimate comfort and protection. Delivery is usually in about two weeks after the impressions are taken.

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